Dreams of fulfillment nourish hopes
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Hard work is a process, is a kind of capital, is also a realm; Fighting spirit for the tongrun played the prelude to success.
Innovation in concept, mechanism and system, management mode and science and technology. The spirit of innovation is the soul of the strong body.
Reflected in the scientific decision-making of the enterprise's major business strategy, the quality of their products pragmatic fine.
The development of export-oriented economy, speed up in line with international standards, participate in international competition of high starting point, to realize the rise of the Chinese nation.
Diligent spirit not fearing difficulty
Creative spirit keeping on development
Scientific spirit facing the reality
Competitive spirit entering the world
Dreams of fulfillment nourish hopes
InheritHard work, innovation, science, competitionEnterprise spirit
Tongrun people will inherit and carry forward the diligence and wisdom of generations of tongrun people
At a new starting point, the company will set up a new journey for further development
implementation11/5000  Cast the world famous brand, create one hundred years tongrunBeautiful vision!
The development course of tongrun is the process of continuous refinement, formation and accumulation of tongrun culture. We will inherit and carry forward the spirit of continuous progress and innovation of generations of tongrun people, adhere to the people-oriented, strive to shape the integration of people and enterprises, with tongrun characteristics of corporate culture, provide inexhaustible cultural sources and favorable spiritual support for enterprise development, and then start a new journey of entrepreneurship and development from a new starting point.
Sixty-five years of brilliance with a total of sixty-five years of high
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