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Changshu Jack Factory (Jiangsu Tongrun Mechanical & Electrical Group) since December 1954, Changshu no.1 iron ware production cooperation group was established, after more than 60 years of ups and downs, and the republic with the growth, out of China's national industrial development track. Throughout the 60-plus years' growth history of Ttongrun, it can be roughly divided into four stages: difficult start, laying the foundation, continuous progress and leaping development.




Hard work, development start
Lay the foundation and get ready to go
Rapid expansion and sustained development
Innovation mechanism, leapfrog development
In December 1968, the jack trial-production team of yushan machinery factory successfully trial-produced the first yq-32t manual vertical hydraulic jack

1954 —— 1974

Hard work, development start

As the saying goes: ten years to sharpen a sword. Can "tong run" this "sword", in the initial business, but a full "grinding" for 20 years. These 20 years, it is the period that our country national industry develops slowly, tortuous advance. Tongrun (Changshu Jack Factory) has experienced the development process from individual to cooperative group (cooperative) to large collective enterprise, and the production mode has changed from handicraft industry to semi-mechanical to mechanization. Personnel on and off, products and turn around, and eventually evolved into a national official designated professional production jack export enterprises. In 1974, the output of 3854 sets of jacks was completed, and the total industrial output value was 1.469 million yuan, the sales revenue was 930,000 yuan, the profit was 160,000 yuan, and the labor productivity of all staff reached 4012 yuan/person.

1974 —— 1984

Lay the foundation, gaining momentum

The second stage of Tongrun's development took ten years. This decade has been a decade of hard work, strength and foundation building; Is outside the tree image, open up the market, the beginning of the edge of the decade; It is also a decade in which the new and the old are alternating with each other, inheriting and carrying forward. In 1984, 40,374 jacks were produced, 9.5 times more than in 1974. The total industrial output value reached 6.329,900 yuan, an increase of 3.3 times over 1974; The total revenue was 4.84 million yuan, an increase of 5.2 times over 1974; The total profit reached 750,100 yuan, an increase of 3.69 times over 1974; Total labor productivity reached 10047 yuan per person, an increase of 1.5 times over 1974.

Changshu county jack factory original small east gate chenjia city factory site
In 1980, 3-ton vertical hydraulic jack won the national silver award

1984 —— 2002

Rapid expansion and sustained development

The jack factory in the initial stage was basically operated under the planned economy system, with the goal of completing the production plan issued by the state. The basic task of an enterprise is to organize production, ensure quality and deliver goods on schedule. With the national economy "transition transformation", how to withstand the wind and waves in the tide of market economy, fast forward, this is in front of the new group led by Gu xiongbin's severe test. Thanks to the strong "wind" of reform and opening up of the party and the country, enterprises have been injected with infinite vitality. From the development of export-oriented economy to the implementation of horizontal economic union; From the enterprise merger and reorganization, optimization of expansion to the property rights system reform, the 18 years, Experienced the period of "Seventh Five Year Plan", "Eighth Five Year Plan" and "Ninth Five Year Plan" period of great development, reform add vigor, increase development power, make the staff's production enthusiasm, creative like a mighty stream, enterprises rapidly into the fast lane, double indicator for years, efficiency rising, on China and the world economy big stage, become a considerable scale, the provincial enterprise group with strong strength, included in the mechanical industry ten outstanding enterprises in China. By 2002, the total sales of switch cabinet, elevator tractor, toolbox cabinet and other products were close to the sales of jack.

Tairun group original taian street 283 factory site
Cycas flowering
A corner of the original factory garden
The 11th "tongrun light" artistic performance
Members of activities

Since 2003

Innovation mechanism, leapfrog development

Innovation is the inexhaustible power to promote national progress and social development, and also the core embodiment of the spirit of Tongrun. Management innovation, mechanism innovation and science and technology innovation are the distinctive characteristics of The Times when Tongrun has entered the stage of comprehensive leapfrogging and diversified development. To make more perfect corporate governance structure, operating mechanism more flexible, more can arouse the enthusiasm of business entity operators and management team, Torin pace of reform has never stopped, collectivize management since 2003, to explore the implementation of capital operation, shareholding system transformation from wholly owned operations, to holding, equity participation, timely exit and other forms of capital operation, Torin completed the transition to a modern enterprise management system, since 2003, Torin has experienced a rapid development.

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